Azersun Holding

About the company: Azersun Holding which has started operating in Azerbaijan since 1991 is the largest non oil holding of Azerbaijan. A group of companies includes over 30 enterprises which have international quality standard certificates ISO 9000:2001 and specialize in food industry, agriculture, packing-paper industry and trade. These are plants for production and processing of fat-and-oil products, tea-packing factories, tinned food factories, factories for production of packing and paper products, the largest sugar plant in the region and a factory for production of lump sugar, a plant for production of iodinated salt, dairy, a plant for hazelnut processing, a plant for production of fodder, as well as a broad range of agricultural enterprises engaged in raising various crops on a territory comprising about 4000 ha and equipped with the drip irrigation system that belongs to Valmont Industries Company. Today, the holding has representative offices and branches in many world countries such as Russia, UAE, Turkey, Switzerland, Sri-Lanka, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, etc. Azersun holding’s activity aims not only at securing the market of the country and the region. The company also has a broad export network. Azersun Holding is also a distributor of the trans-national company Unilever in Azerbaijan. Nowadays, over 5,000 people are employed at holding’s enterprises.
Azersun Holding forms a part of Intersun group. Apart from food and agriculture industry enterprises, those that are engaged in banking, construction and oil transportation sector also form a part of Intersun group.

Address: 94 H. Aliyev Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (+99412) 404-19-19
Fax: (+99412) 496-68-88
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