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Calgary is Preparing to Host the World Petroleum Congress to Discuss the Global Energy Transition

CALGARY, Alberta, December 15, 2022 – The Canadian Organizing Committee for the 24 th World Petroleum Congress (“OCAN”) is pleased to announce numerous milestones ahead of hosting the Congress in Calgary, Canada from September 17 – 21, 2023. Key milestones include recognition of the initial industry and government sponsors and partners which will underpin the success of the Congress, selection of keynote speakers for the Strategic Programme of the Congress, updates on registration timelines and pricing and the appointment of two new Board Members to the Canadian Association of the World Petroleum Council.

As OCAN progresses planning, the excitement surrounding the Congress and its theme of Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero, continues to build and participation continues to grow.


Recognizing our Sponsors

The diverse cross section of sponsors supporting the 24 th Congress, includes global and domestic energy leaders and supporting companies and government partners, demonstrating the strong interest in the Congress as industry and governments seek to establish a Path to Net Zero.

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